To Change

I won't let you go
But I need you to know
The things in my past
That have me sidetrack

I know I mess up
And I hurt my family
But it's not easy to let go of
And for that I'm sorry

I'm trying to be
The best I can be
But, it's not easy
And for that I'm sorry

I do everything I can
To change who I am
To change for the better
To change to be greater

I made many mistakes
That I can't take away
I have to surpass
The things in my past

I know I'm not the best
You don't have to keep telling me
Just give it a rest
And let me be

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This Poems Story

This poem is about when I wanted to get close with someone but I felt like I had to tell him the truth about everything because when I met him I felt this connection with him that I could tell him anything and everything and I could trust him.