To Dream, Or Not to Dream?

To dream, or not to dream? This is what I've been questioning.
Whether 'tis right for my mind to ponder
The very thing that causes my heart to fly,
Or to become face-to-face with what's before me,
And by dreaming a way out? To see, to sour;
In hopes of more; and to dream a dream that would end
Life's misery and a thousand generations to follow
And yet so much more. 'Tis a beautiful consuming
Thought to be wish'd upon:To see, to sour,
To dream:in chances of viewing more.a future
Beyond what tomorrow's morrow brings.
For then, time as we once knew it
Would only leave us with the memories.
What we think is the end appears to be an everlasting beginning.
For then we would only once know of struggles,
Those struggles once made life drag us by.
Then again, dreaming makes us escape from the present,
Leaving us face-to -face with what's before us.
Becoming absent to reality
Can become a trap-an exit for a while,
Letting us believe that our"world" is better
Than the real one that we shortly pass by.
Is it right for a man to question the very thing
That drives him insane?
Again, I begin the never-ending question:What is right,
What is wrong? To dream, or not to dream?
Unanswered silence is medicine that kills-
My mind is left split in two.

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