To Find the Light

The darkness will swallow you up
It will leave you hallow inside
You walk out to the great wide world with hopes and dreams
Around the corner evil surrounds you to devour your light
In your hour of need you must heed the warnings and fight
Walk straight without falling from your jagged cliff
They say that this is all a myth
With their positive Polly Ann fake smiles
They sit in judgement singing lyrics the world finds acceptable
Maybe their greatest fear is transparency
They lie as they snuggle in their lair of detest
Tears stain their cheeks and glisten brighter than stained glass
The sounds of the shatter as sharp slivers cut through the muck
They may remain stuck in their limbo and never learn to be real
They may feel as Houdini did during his biggest escape
The greatest magic trick is their final undoing to be revealed
Good sense has been eradicated for they have sealed their fate
Hate and jealousy bleeds in their veins leaving deep scars to mutate
Choices are to be made in order to be saved
Evil must be waved on so it won't slither deep into your heart
Kindness and love may it be your legacy as it was from the start
Heavenly Father allow me to walk in your footsteps
So I may always follow your peaceful stride
I gaze into perfect stained glass my reflection will not be a haze
See my face shine bright as the stars do in your heavenly place
I write down so I can hear you're footsteps walking by my side

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