To Fly Away

Why is the window open, to the world?
Just as the simple pillars set in gold
On the cage of a canary,
One whose gilded wings are clipped
And cruelly twisted by its fate?
The sweet and silver whispers of the wind
Ruffle and twist my simple strands of hair.
It calls me--yearning, crying for my voice.
My song swells in my heart,
Ready to burst forth in joyful clarity!
But no, I am chained.
I am bound by thickened chains of fate.
Ev'ry move I make thrusts me far down
Into my pain. Oh! if I could but fly!
My wings are clipped, I cannot fly away.
My voice is trapped, I cannot cry aloud!
And those who see my face know not the pain
That binds me to this earth
With silence loud. Oh! I wish to soar!
If I but had my wings, I'd fly away!

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