To get through the day

Your the essence,
The essence of love,
The essence of life.

Your my soul,
Your my heart,
You reside over my mind.

Your part of me,
Your in everything i do,
You make every thought i have.

I feel you, always,
In every breath,
You give me the strength to breath.

Your in the warmth that brings me to life.
Your in the chills that make me alert.
You give my heart the strength to race.

Your the lust,
That i almost cant stand,
Until i have you.

Your in the rain,
That falls on my head.
Your in the sun that blinds me.

Your in my heart,
Your on my mind,
And will always will be mine.

The essence of life,
The connection to all.
The only thing holding me together.

The key that opens the doorway,
To the deepest recesses of my soul.
Where you stay and always will reside.

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