To Grayson Bofman

Your stature does you justice,
they will never see the swing comin'
pushin' your buttons, bud.
I could not bear the thought of
my exit, but given foreknowledge
tells me I couldn't exit your

livin' 'n' pumpin' heart, you fantastic gríngo.
Your class disruptions have proven human
fine tuning within class 'n' society;
you did us all a favor.
It may occur, time that is, but you did know
how to make a giggle even out of the Teacha.

Not trying, you stole the thunder of many,
which ranked you high as "cool."
I saw the survival Cody in you,
your struggle was inconspicuous.
I saw it. 'n' I spoke in this shy head, letting my eyes project:
(".Let your tear water seep through your crevices, Broken Rock.")

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