To Guide You

I wish to read your mind,
The crevices and darker passageways.
What do they tell me?
Endless questioning will not let me into your mind
And allow me to understand its inner workings.
But I forever wish I can enter the pathways
Which I am forbidden from entering by the laws of science.
I want to know what ails you, what irks at your inner being.
I desire to enter you from within, to peer into your soul.
It would be wonderful to see your soul in all its colors.
Only that way it would be possible to guide you
To become even more of who you are.
But unfortunately it isn't possible.
So I must sit and try to use the human abilities I do have
To push you to be the best you.
I have to approach you from the outside
And harness all of the emotional intelligence I have
To explore the brilliance of that which I cannot see.
I must use the hints you send to the world of your true magnificence
To attempt to get a taste of what lies within.
I must use the pearls of our communication
As a key to unlock your mind
To help you grow.
I must help you flourish
Even when I do not have all the answers.
And that is even more beautiful.

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