To Him

Paralyzed by utterly crippling desire,
dazed by its rising intensity,
powerless in its soaring presence,
she managed to escape his embrace
after the most intimate pleasure
of one long, slow, tender, perfect, beautiful kiss,
deeply delicious and intoxicating
yet pure and reverent in its very nature
revealed the layers of their complex connection,
begged for infinitely more,
and silently whispered what might have been
but could never now be.
He mercifully vanished, torn away by his own virtue,
relieving her of that impossible task.
But a part of her wishes he had stayed
and that she
had conceded to his unyielding embrace,
melted into their blended beauty,
curled into the comfort of his body and soul,
wrapped in the peril of his warmth.
But even that would never have been enough,
for a piece of her heart
has been captured
and now forever belongs
to him.

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