To Jah We Owe!

Not a Soul on this earth should forget the Lord's laws from the past
they were not sent to Be transgressed for Humans will cease but they will last.
Now,Man has gotten more foolish profaning Jah's word as if anything goes
this can only lead to a place where many will wish for water from a hose.
Many have sided with satan now are looking for God to bring him a war
But when Jah hides away His mercy none will reach Heaven with money or a fancy car.
So many know the truth but are planning to pretend they were blind
though the truth some can't spot it will Be over,beside and behind.
Must never think for an instant that You can sneak and get away
None have from the Ancient past and None will to this Present day.
Far too many have short memories of the things Jah has done
Jah has never forsaken the upright even when the odds were thousands to one.
Today when some think they're successful it is I,Me and You
But when time to answer for wrongs Many speak of what the devil made them do.
All peoples will soon realize the Sacred Word was never a toy
it won't Be no hiding places not when the merciless Angels have been deployed.
So please do choose carefully Remember,Holiness is not a game
to do bad deeds in this Life in the next there'll Be much suffering and shame.
When Humans choose to love satan it is Us that Jah will not know
We must Today choose truth and right Yes,for Our souls To Jah We Owe! Amen

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