To Join the Sea of Shame

Oh abandoned vessel in the sea
What malady has sickened thee?
Splintered structure and shattered frame
Forged by butchered willow trees

Drowning slow in creeping waters
To end for naught; a Faustian martyr
Weeping wreckage without a name
Even deserted by Magna Mater

The falling sun paints the sky maroon
Leading way to the cackling moon
That guides the carcass to eternal flame
A log drowning in a lost lagoon

From this mortal world it now transcends
Forgotten more each league descends
To join the sea composed of shame
A funeral to be which none attend

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This Poems Story

Life is an elaborate and often cruel conondrum. Although I have had only nineteen years to ascertain this hypothesis, I find that it holds truth. The majority of my existence I have attempted to hide from this ever-prevailing ultimatum, but all of those days were for naught. My writing is my solitary form of expression as well as an attempt to gain understanding of the apparently dejected mystery of myself. May God bless us all.