To Know

If i told you I understood would you have it in your heart to believe me
Would you let me hold your hand on a afternoon that's cool and breezy.
To understand that I want to help and not dissappoint you in anyway.
Making sure your mind is stable and loved by someone who'd never go astray. To tell you countless times that I'm here through it all no matter what.
Because love has no boundaries helping to heal all open cuts.
If i told you it mattered what no one else thought of our relationship
And made sure all was noticeable everytime we went out.
Would you flaunt me to the world with a quiet whisper or an arrogant shout.
To have confidence to know we made the right decision in finding one another.
Listening to each other's most private thoughts confiding in each other.
To put all your trust in me and know that I would keep it safeguarded.
Locked away with spikes and thorns to protect it from being broken hearted.
To keep a smile on your face whenever i am near you
And prove to you this is true Love. Not a spell cast by Vudu

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