To Know

To know more, you can achieve more.
To know better, you should Do Better.
But to know me, can be a challenging and tricky feet,
You see, I march to my very own unique beat
1 step, 2 step my own stylish slide,
3 step, 4 step I'm open with nothing to hide.
You're welcome to join me, there's space on this ride.
To know my real beauty, is to know what lives inside.

To know a person with conviction and no doubts,
To know that entire person from the inside and out,
To know their heart, their joys and their tears,
To know their warmth, their struggles and their fears.
To allow them the comfort to unmask their all
And allow the chips of uncertainty to lay where they fall
As all the chips fall, it's your choice to stay or go
A New Friends Real Story, is the story to know.

In our world of fake this and fake that,
From butts and breast, to hair and chest.
What if a friendship could happen for real, without faking?
Could you open up to something real in the making?
It would be refreshing to know, no one is after your dough.
If they haven't learned your occupation, fortune or fame,
Maybe theirs no agenda or scandal or game.
And wouldn't that simply be refreshing, to know?

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