To Know Love

to know and to feel
to tell fake from real
to know when to stop and go
to make the emotions glow
to be lost and found
to take away all the noise and never make a sound
this is forever the reality of an unconscious life
to feel the love and never strife
this is the love of God
He really has been there all along
to help those that call for Him
the light's always shining, it will never go dim
to feel the warmth that comes from His hands
He'll let you know and understand
to never worry about the currency
for you'll be rich from His love for all eternity
to be found and suddenly lost
to lose all that matters at a lowly cost
to be sick and never feel well
this is the harsh reality of hell
to never feel your heart be reborn
to forever feel like your soul has been ripped and torn
let Him take you up in His arms
He'll protect you forever from the harsh reality and harms

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