To Live a Li(f)e Inspired

Shifting through a stale nightingales stare,
off into the night,
in a body made of light.

Feeling people dancing in the darkness of my eye,
never sit to think about the truth behind the lies,
never stand to say it rests behind your eyes,
pressing forward with your feet on backwards,
held fast to the idea if you keep moving your
progress wont be shattered,
never realizing it shouldn't matter.

The truth is tranquilizing,
stabilizing in the mind with meticulous pattern,
whipping up a batter of love craft and antimatter animated raptures,
never thinking faster in indentured night than prescribed day light,
forced to fight over a dented sky,
without enough foresight to turn tears into fire,
fears into desire.

Only the universes secret admirer would concur that
life is not the liar,
but instead the purifier,
and amplifier of fertilizer for the after-future funeral-pyre,
its time to acquire the truth,
not only for ourselves but for the sleuths that are the youth,
to live a life inspired,
that's all that we desire.

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