To Love Again

Love hurts: it hurts my mind,
my body and my soul.
It's that one thing I can't
cure with a smile, it's that
one thing I can't get over-
the heartbreak stays with you forever.
Love makes you feel like you're
sinking into a deep abyss, never to return.
because love is chaos itself.
Just because you've won the battle
doesn't mean you've won the war.
You can't help the way you feel,
all the emotions that
arise:the passion burning
in your eyes. You yearn for their feel ,
their warmth, but they're not there anymore.
They broke you, they broke your heart and your
spirit; you don't know what to do.
I wish they could just open up there eyes and
see what's in front of them; but
since they can't see you, they can't hear you
when you talk, hear your when you
cry, hear when you ask for your heart back.
Because that's all you ever wanted-
your heart back,
to love again.

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