To Love An Addict

To love an addict [My point of view] By Kristen.R.Martinez]

To love an addict,
is by far one of the most difficult things to do,
always giving the benefit of doubt,
wishing their words are true,even though,
it's still very hard to believe,
what goes through your mind,
when you see these tears rolling down the cheeks of people who love you,
who you just seem to keep doing wrong?
What goes through your mind?.
Always resulting to suicide,when things don't go your way,for your next hit,your next high.
It's always."I want to get clean",
"I want to be freed from this daily hurt,this daily hell"
But yet,you still remain to do nothing to quit,
you keep chasing that feeling,chasing that high,
just keep chasing that dragon,
until your body is rotting from the inside out
,and withering away.
To love an addict,
it's hard to believe,
it's hard to see,all of these lies,
just building,and building,
I just want you to break free!.
And see all that life can be!! You don't have to keep running from those demons inside your head,
I just want to see you get help
,and be honest about sobriety,
but you see,
this is merely a wish,
that is in a far off distance,
will you ever break free?....


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