To Make an Angel Suffer

How dare you?
You give an angel.
A rare, pure, sweet angel.
You crack his heavenly halo,
You pluck his wondrous wings.

He is so unlike you.
You fight so hard
To force him purity.
But you,
You are making him unclean.

To make an angel suffer.
To make him beg on his knees
For God to please return him home.
Even drops me on my own knees
To beg Him please return you instead.

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    This Poems Story

    I wrote this piece about someone I am very close with that goes through so much hurt just for things they are so passionate about. This person is such a sweet, kind and intelligent being that I care so strongly for. Seeing them go through what they have to is painful, they should not have to live this way. This person is very strong. If this person is you, then let this be for you.