To Me

To me, you are what the sun is to the earth,
Without your heat, life I cannot conserve.
To me, you are what water is to the desert,
I need you, or I'll die thirsty in this lonely weather.
To me, you are what a mother is to a child,
I want to be with you, I want you to always be around.
To me, you are what a queen is to a castle,
I am your brave knight, and for your love I shall battle.

To me, there's nothing more than you,
Because you vanquished the lies, and made my life true.
To me, you are the definition of love,
I've never felt so happy, I can't get enough.
To me, you are better than a fantasy,
Better than a dream, you are true alchemy.
To me, it's like you've given me a chance,
To be with the best lady for real romance.

To me, you are what a teacher is to a student,
You showed me the road to improvement.
To me, you are what paint is to an artist,
The bright colors of your aura raised me out from darkness.
To me, you are what an alien is to a Human,
You are an advanced being of cosmic union.
To me, well, to me. I love you and that's it,
You're the best person ever, the one I need to be with.

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