To Mommy

The other day as we were sitting in the tree.
A little Hummer stopped, to talk to Snow and me.
He told us of this woman, her heart as big as a tree,
How she really cared, about the cockatoos three.
We watch you cook and clean for us, this we all agree,
When Daddy showers and blow-dries us. like your hair.
So confused and terrified, a squawk we do not dare.
We were told that Friday was a very special day
So from the three of us, we have something very special to say.
Have a happy, happy birthday, come, it's time to play.

Now as the day end nears, the little Hummer turns to say
The sun is going down, I must fly away.
As we march out of the tree, the woman with the big heart
And a friendly arm to step upon, we do see,
To hold us, hug us and take us to safety.

Now we're back in the house, the light has faded away.
Teak sits on his perch and squawks in dismay.
Snow bobs her head and flaps her wings, as though she's flying way.

Now I'm sitting, thinking this was another fine day
Watching the friend who kept me from harm's way.
To the friend whose heart is big as a tree,
I sing you my special song for you from me.
As you cover us, we still have something to say,
To the friend whose heart is as big as a tree:

Happy, happy birthday, from the cockatoos three.

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