To My Dad, Whom Alzheimers’ Took

A silence has grown to fill your place
A sad and pathetic silence.
We are all talkative, ebullient, effusive
How then could the silence consume us all?

Your becoming quiet has shown us
That silences have language, too;
And character, and presence.
This is a deep silence
Troubled but not uncomfortable.
Sad but not miserable.
It tides over the gaps in the conversation beautifully
Gaps, which you would have filled by some wise observation
Insightful deduction
Old, old memory
Witty crack
Or rib tickling joke.
Some lines from a poem or a couplet
Which had been hovering in human mindspace unnoticed for years
Made meaningful, beautiful,
By the depth in your tone, the look on your face
The smile in your eyes
As you spoke it.
Just like a scripture prayer is rendered meaningful
By the sayer
A cup of tea is celebrated by the sipper
A chilled glass becomes a toast.

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