To My Daughter

Dear daughter,

You might get unwanted stares,
That might make you feel so bare.
People very much tempted to touch
That young and slender body as such,
But never hold back, always be bold
'She's a warrior' is what should be told.

Learn to say no, learn to backout
From things you feel that won't workout
There's nothing that's normal, girly, or womanly
Do what seems right, fight for it, sternly.

Baby, I belong to transitional time
My voice so weak, frozen like a rime.
I tried so hard but all in vain
But you, my baby, shouldn't go through the pain.
Grabbing and groping was like nightmare
That never fades away, always making me aware
Of the gender I belong to and my body
To be conscious and protect from everybody.
People whom you might think of as friends,
My baby, can have Werewolf blends,
Wanting your flesh to be tasted and thrown,
Asking you what you're wearing and telling the world that you are a whore.

I know how it feels, I know how bad it could be,
Just know you are not alone, Mommy's there, and always will be.
You've come out of the cocoon to fly up above,
Not to settle, nor asking permission to allow.

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