To My Dear Sweet Raquel

If I was a bird you would be the wind beneath my wings,
beyond the the sun and the trees,
and when I perch in the night I see your love beyond the light,
when the night becomes day I feel the warmth of your gaze,
my life would not be complete if I let this all slip away,
I would never forgive myself if it washed out in a wave,
You seem so special to me and thats just a fact.
When god showed me you it was such a blessing in disguise,
But as time passes by it changes my mind,
I am in love with you and he as truly showed me that,
And every day that passes by just makes it all seem right,
the space is being given and my love never changes,
with all that's going on I can still carry on,
God show me the light and help me be strong,
with god by my side all is possible and right.

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