To My Demons I Pray

Got trust in the man above but worship all below
It sounds crazii on the outside looking in yal kn how that go
I wake up to the darkness and to my demons i pray
Please let a silly mofo run up on me today
My fellow minions and demons its time we rise
Its time we show them.. its time for the surprise
Im not the person i mold myself to be
That was all a disguise because i was afraid of bein me
Pleasin everyone but myself drained me dry
I give thanks to my demons for givin me this impulsive high
Vicious..feelings dnt phase me i pocket them hoes
Love dont love nobody yal know how that goes
Never will i wake without thanking my demons for riddin me of this mush
Somebody come roll with me puff on this kush
Bow ya head one mo time to my demons i pray
Thank yu for getting me through all this bullshit today

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