To “My First Love”

By Ribby   

Your love potion was poison to my aching heart.
You lied, saying you’d come back for me.
Me and you, against the world
Lying in your grasp, your warm body radiating against mine.
We’d never be a duo in bed, even your loose promises after you left were too good to be true;
“I promise, that you will wake up next to me, every single day.”
But every time I roll over in bed, I am met with an empty void.
A freezing, empty, lonely, void.
No gap-toothed smile to say good morning and good night to.
No sapphire blue eyes, which were as mesmerizing as the ocean, to look into mine.
When you left, I felt my heart break into pieces. I couldn’t comprehend it.
I cried a waterfall for you, and I still do.
Sacramento is a real far place from this small town of ours.
But you promised you’d be back.
“I’ll be back soon. I promise.”
But where are you?
I’m sick of these lies,
You’re unreliable, untruthful…
I wish I learned that sooner, before falling in love with you.
Don’t ever appear on my doorstep, telling me that you’re back to see me
I’ll just shut the door.
I’ve found someone else now.
He told me he’d never treat me like you did.
I am his universe, and he is mine.
Not you. Never will it be you.

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