To My Future Child

By Cas   

Oh, my sweet child,
Although you cannot see much now,
And though you know not of your relevance to me,
I oath you a love far deeper than the oceans
For not even 'she' could swallow you whole
And you will reach farther than the stars,
Outshining our moon, shaming its skies;
Even the North Star would stop to look at you
For gazing at your eyes would
Be to look at the world all at once
Therefore, I promise to shield you from fields of strife,
So the world may not take you from me
I will speak of you to the flowers,
Who’d wilt if obtained the droplets to envy
And you shall never fall by my hand,
Nor be scathed by my drawing breath
For I will not become the eyes
I had first dawned upon,
She who sewed my petals shut
I do not wish to show you the world, my dear,
I want it created by your sketch
May you not be taunted by false adversaries,
May you find comfort in your mind,
In me, in the divine that can be life
And should you choose to sprout your wings and fly
I shall be there,
To hold you tight one last time
Before I let you go and await for you home
So go,
Venture and see what’s beyond our view
And when you return to me,
I shall grasp you, with a woven embrace,
And water my garden - which will last for days
As when you are with me,
It’s as though life is given a meaning
Oh, my sweet child,
Know that you will never lose
Your place by my side,
Never in a thousand years
For how ever far away you are
And as many years to come,
You will always have the key to my heart,
Though I shall always leave its door unlocked

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Key Words : Family, Motherhood, Poetry, Healthy Relaionship

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This Poems Story

I was never given the warmth that a mother was meant to provide. From being deprived from such, you either become that said thing or do everything in your power to associate as anything BUT that; and that was the path I was destined to head down. This poem covers my interpretation of motherhood and how I wish to be despite the absence of a reliable role model.