When at night I lay awake
Upon my bed for sleeping sake
My mind and thoughts I can rely
To take me up into the sky
Up there I can remember thee
The days of laughter and of glee
So happy are those days my love
I’ll never fear the up above
You were and are my happy soul
To make you smile my final goal
The two of us will always be
In life in death best memories
Upon my drooping eye lids spark
A life beyond the waking dark
As long as memories do survive
I know our love is still alive
You are my waking thought my dear
It’s wrong I now and I do fear
To be without your loving heart
My dreams and life do fall apart
But this is now and we do live
The loving to each other give
Life oh life how sweet out bliss
We’ve cast our fate upon a kiss
In life in dream lets ride the wave
And carry it into the grave
We we have not much in life I fear
That’s why we love so hard my dear

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