To My Love

Perpetually in his arms, I see no harm.
But to be with the person I adorn and love.
Surrounded by stars, and sheltered by Angel's eyes,
We shall be him and I.

I was destined to be his everlasting bride.
And why he choice me, I will never know why.
In our kingdom near the sea was my beloved waiting for thee.
In my world, there was no other thought but the love he feels for me.

In the Universe nothing more exists,
but the lust he bequest in me.
This affection conveys no sorrow,
it grows stronger with every hour.

As he approaches, my senses go mad with his power.
I collapse in his arms with no trouble.
This is how he makes me feel every second;
an intoxication of euphoria which has distorted all my senses.

I question not one second,
What this man has forsaken. in my very core.
A Calvary of passion which adorns my throne.
I feel so adored by his heart of gold.

My being dissolves with his presences.
He is omnipresence in my world.
My heart felt a lot of joy,
when he captured my soul.

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