To My Love

I love you. Three words, eight letters, one tremendous way to feel
How could such a diminutive phrase mean such a mammoth deal?
Why is it that we don't safeguard it with our upmost care?
For once we let it go, the fatal blow is traumatic,
and our whole life obstructs; the shattered pieces floating in air
It's as if this whole time you were living an illusion
Suddenly, you are shaken from a dream by an insolent intrusion
Well if true love really is but a dream, I don't even mind
Sign my name on the dotted line, I'm ready to go along for the ride
As surreal as it may be, this enchanting voyage is worth my time
The uncertain is daunting, yet I will remain oblivious if I don't try
Heartbreak is no match up against never feeling a whole heart
So here I stand before you, my soul is stepping out of the dark
I inscribe these careful words to help you see a glimpse of my heart
Maybe you can comprehend why I am so cautious with the chances I take
You'll understand why I think vigorously before each decision I make
My love, I choose you because my love for you is not only a mirage
When you bring light to my eyes, I see truth in your perfect visage
It must mean that our attraction is not an excuse or premature
I pray that these sweet, quintessential moments persist in our future
Like how you stroke your thumb against my cheek in total romance
The way you admire every inch of my presence in one angelic glance
I cannot guarantee that our indestructible love will last
My deepest wish is that this ineffable connection, this sheer
passion that we share, will never become a distant memory from my past

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