To My Person

To my person:
I hope you're doing okay wherever you are
I hope you listened to some good songs today
or read some good poetry
or painted something you're proud of
I hope you laughed or smiled a lot
or had a cry that left you feeling better afterwards
I hope you're going to sleep in a warm bed tonight
with a view of the stars from a nearby window
and perhaps on your ceiling too
but mostly I hope you're being patient and waiting
for me
because I'm on my way to you I really am
but it may take me a little while
as living in this world can be very difficult
and so I still have things I need to figure out
before I'm ready to go out and find you
and before I'm ready to love and be loved back
but I'm getting closer to you with every passing day
I promise I am really
so please don't get discouraged
or think that you're alone and always will be
because you aren't I'm here
I'm not sure how far ‘here' is from you
but either way I'm here
eagerly anticipating the day I can finally start looking
for you
and the day the universe decides that you're meant
to notice
and who knows maybe that day is closer than either
of us is expecting

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This Poems Story

My name is Jillian and I live in Burlington, WA. I'm 20 years old and a very hopeless romantic as I'm sure my poem makes very obvious! I have a wonderful family, which includes my mom, dad, older brother and sister, and my two year old kitten. They are all very supportive of my poetry and I love them all very much. I hope that my person someday reads my poem, or is even led to me through it. I uppose that is what inspired this poem to begin with; my belief in fate and destiny.