To My Soldier

You got the envelope yesterday
Oh how can it be true?
The military's looking for people
And the letters addressed to you
You open up the letter
As my eyes filled up with tears
The letter talks about your deployment
Confirming all my fears.
I help you pack your bags to leave
Say I love you and goodbye
I watch you drive into the night
Just wanting to know why
Why you chose this path in life?
And why you had to go?
Why you left the country you love
For a place you didn't know?
I wait for calls, emails or letters
To let me know that you're okay.
We all worry about you a lot
And pray for you each day.
The months drag on for ever
And the time goes by so slow
But the tour is almost over
And you'll be home before we know
So on the day that you get home
I'll meet you at the base
And Whenever I look up at the flag
I know I'll see your face

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