To My Unborn Children

The mere thought of you makes my heart flutter like the wings of Doves.
I look down at my belly wondering when you’ll be ready to come to me from above.
Without a doubt we’ve already chosen one another; over many moons in a different realm you said one day I’ll call you mother.
When you do, I promise to be sure to guide you through this world with grace, dignity, & style whether you’re a boy or a girl.
Your eyes will light up my soul; feeling your heartbeats for the first time will align me with the all mighty high causing unspeakable goosebumps to show.
I will not let you forget why you agreed to come to this planet;
you will be uplifted, allowed to be present and express yourself with greatness.
We’ll learn together as I teach you leading by example, your father will get jealous and call us all a handful.
There will be no screaming only laughter and love!
However, you will be disciplined to remind you not to take your blessings for granted, and to remember that you are loved.
To watch you all grow from infants to astounding human beings
will be one of my greatest accomplishments on this universe believe me.
I never really wanted children until I was told by source energy that it was a part of my duty a part of my mission.
Once I knew I understood the logic which equaled beauty, my vision, with clear definition.
My body being sacrificed to bring light into the world literally holds me accountable to break patterns & be fearless in this reality.
Changing myself now elevating to vibrate higher is just the foundation
to become an amazing being through my thoughts and touch for creation.
I love you now before seeing you, when I carry you, and even when I’m long gone.
Hopefully this poem will still be with you my darlings to keep you strong.
To my unborn children a mother could never be as proud as I am
to live in the present, be grateful, have a blast, and never forget to dance!

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