To Never Again Be What I Was

To never walk, to never run
To always sit forever on the side.
It’s a hard life, a hard job,
But it is mine to live and love.
Never again shall I play or participate,
But I can’t complain.
For I lived when doctor’s said I would not.
I sense phantom pains where there is not anything to feel,
Below my knee it hurts.
Though I know it can’t, it’s all in my head,
It does not make the agony go away.
As I sit in the back of the vehicle,
I remember that fateful day,
Behind the wheel that changed everything.
With just one text,
That was not mine, a second of distraction,
That changed both our lives.
But I lived to tell mine,
Against all odds.
And I tell it to you now,
So you may go and live your life the way it’s meant,
And learn from me,
A message is not worth it.

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