To No Avail

A majestic estate, an amazing view
Inside gathered a worrisome few
A family cherished by an old man
There to support him, if they can
His wife held his hands as he slept
While she and some of the others wept
But occasional snickers could be heard
"I'm not in the will? How absurd!"
"I want the cars" "I want the money."
A group of bears without any honey
A few soft whispers, one loud mumble
The old man awakens with a grumble
His wife looks at him with despair
"Are you ok?," she asks with care
Although his face looked so grim
A feeling of pride came over him
"I saw it all," he says. "I saw it all."
She replies "What do you mean, my doll?"
The man goes on, the others listen in.
"I saw the world, that's where I've been."
"I saw Africa, Asia, and Europe, too."
"I saw it all. I'm one of the few."
His wife says "Yes, you did good."
"You got to see what few others could."
The man goes on, the rest pay attention
"I did it all, too." He had to mention
"I built an empire, starting from scratch."
"I had fame and fortune without match."
"I've seen and played every sport."
"I had wine and women of every sort."
His wife looked at him with a smile
He says "You stuck with me all the while."
"I have a wonderful wife and a great son."
"No man could ask for a better one."
He then looked at her with a smug stare.
"I'll be remembered forever, I do declare."
"You'll never be forgotten," she replied
She continues on to spare his pride
"You'll always be cherished and so dear."
"Your memory will never disappear."
A few eyes rolled, a few remarks made
He couldn't hear them from where he laid
"I had it all." He smiled and said
But inside he knew he was nearly dead
He looked again at his friends and wife
They faded to black at the end of his life
Yet one figure remained near his side
The old man saw it, even though he'd died
The masked figure approached, its look dim
"You know who I am," it said to him
The old man cringed, did not reply
He had no idea what it means to die
"You saw it all, did it all, had it all."
"But now it's time to heed my call."
The old man's face turned to ice
Didn't utter a word, fearing the price
"I don't just get you in this task."
The figure says as it removes its mask
"I get to have it all, just like you."
"The best part is, I get your memory, too"
The old man turned blue as he saw the shape
Of the skeleton frame under the cape
The old man screamed "Get back! Get back!"
A futile attempt to stop the attack
The reaper laughed, showing its teeth
As it raised its scythe from beneath
It said "All you loved, everyone you knew."
"Will taste my blade, just like you."
As the blade came down, darkness came
The reaper proved its perfect aim
It whispered one last thing to the man
"If you can't survive me, who can?"

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This Poems Story

This poem is an exploration into death, the desire to be remembered and the true meaning of each of our lives. It was finished in early June of 2011. What does the ominous character represent to you? Of course, it was the Reaper himself..... or was it?