To Our Promised Land

Don't make it all a lost cause
Perhaps we are all purposes
to one another

For it is the ship's conscience that intoxicates the wild sea, provoking its insanity
While the wind intimates their union organizedly, to its perfection
And bring all along its course

So sad, my heart tends to beat frantically
When i hear even such course is not unbreakable
Let it not be so

And though,
All their mockeries have somehow become ritualistic, as if they were meant to be
I still pledge my honour in such a way
That i shall ever not succumb to my sentimentality

When there are no shrines left,
And everything crumbles into dust
When all the world's misery takes its toll
When all the sweet memories of your childhood fade away and the blackness devours
As the breath, that has warmed you throughout your life, is about to be sucked out of your body;
And least, nothing has come forward to suffice the 'unfinished'
I hope my hand will find yours
And take us to our promised land

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