To See Truth

Lights of every color shot through the sky,
the waves danced only for me to see
A breeze that had a voice
As I sat motionless, unable to blink
my heart sunk so deep.
it was the most beautiful thing
A collapse that led to my first breath
A crack in my soul that kept me aware
The stars had never shined so bright,
for the eyes of the sky watched me see
the tingle of the earth's touch was the most beautiful thing
How is it so I'd never seen such life,
when what I was seeing couldn't breathe?
It was then it came and struck down,
a truth so real, that I actually believed
The dancing sky ended that night,
but the beauty stays with me
My eyes run warm when I recall,
I was able to see reality so deep in a society so blind
And to this day I vow, I will not lose sight,
nor lose myself
For a part of me lived that moment,
while a part of me died
When I saw the most beautiful thing.
called life

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