To That Jersey I Have Hung

To that jersey I have hung
Whom can I blame for why we cannot be?
I hate to admit that we had some fun
With the absence of you I'm no longer free
Could it be my own damn fault?
Finishing movies before its happy ending
It is like my wound is filled with salt
Every time I watch them play just pretending
That I could be out there pouring out my heart
But instead I'm stuck on the sidelines
Waiting for the game to start
Because for me it has all ended
Unlike happiness, darkness always comes through
And I am in need of some consistency to hang on to.
To that jersey I have hung
It's in the past but it creeps behind me
Whispering lies from its devil's tongue
That “the apple has fallen far from the tree”
Because I've fallen in a pit of lies so deep
That pain is now my wanderlust
These smoke and mirrors cause my eyes to stream
Losing this love of mine is but a dream
Giving something up is a different thing
than having something taken from you
I will always wonder if the advice the doctor gave me was true
A part of me I must leave behind
Has left my heart strings plucked and strung
In constant search I hope to find
That jersey I have hung

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