To the Bullies

To the ones who decided to signal me out,
To the ones who delighted in fueling my doubt,
To you who mocked, taunted, and teased,
To you who for some stupid reason I wanted to please,
To you who labeled me too odd to befriend,
You whose taunting giggles reached no end,
To you the Bullies who made my life bleek,
It is me the odd ball who remained unique,
The one you ridiculed, week after week,
The one you laughed at before I became me,
The one who became more than you could ever hope to be,
More talented than you,
And much kinder too,
Even after the hell you all put me through,
The darker you made life,
The brighter I shined,
Brighter than the flaws you tried so hard to find,
I shined passed the insecurities you put into my mind,
I am much than you pretended I could be,
Because you knew even then you could not change me.

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This Poems Story

I had a lot of trouble with getting picked on growing up. My unique and at first really nerdy style got a lot of ridicule from my peers. Which kids will be kids but either way I never let them change me.