to the dreams we dream

what is dreaming?
do our thoughts influence what our dreams reflect,
or is it like feeding worry to the things that we’ve already lost?
a dream is a memory,
like the almost-remembrance of a word,
dancing on the tip of your tongue,
but not quite there.
a dream is unclear like blurry vision,
fuzzy with no prescription.
the more intensive efforts put towards remembering,
the deeper you wander into the abyss of the inaccessible dream.
a dream is an intangible idea,
everything we wish for but cannot grasp.
the tantalizing flavors of the future that we cannot yet see,
are a perpetual mystery wanting of an answer.
however, a dream pertains to no grievances of falling short,
as we reach into the infinite galaxy hoping to catch the stars.
with each an individual stepping stone to evolve our dreams into realities,
we create for ourselves a force to be reckoned with.
a dream gives us hope,
expresses our fantasies that we are able to dream reality.
in the end, a dream is an abstract that depicts the inner most thoughts that we never seem to uncover,
and the revelations of thoughts and ideas enable us to explore a realm that consciousness cannot quite reach.

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