To the girl who thought of death lately

I saw you staying late at night,
in your small dark room
staring at your ceiling
asking for answers.

That day, I saw you getting anxious
at your office around nine.
'coz your hot headed Boss yelled at you
because you failed to send invites.

Yet I know you did your best,
staying behind just to finish
the letters, the inputs,
the programs even the script.

The bags in your eyes get bigger every night,
while you cram to send it all.
your eyes get watery, you become jitty,
but no one knew because you accepted the call.

I saw all your hardworks.
I saw all you pains.
I heard all the belittlings.
I heard all your pleas and cries.

Yet despite all these,
you're still here fighting.
finishing the fight you've started.

The rope is no longer hanging,
those blades are now kept.

To the girl who thought of death lately,
I salute you for being brave!

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This is for everyone who fighta anxiety and depression!