To The Heavens

It hurts me to know that I don't feel like this is where I belong,
I do not feel this is where I should be.
I feel there is more for me out there,
More to me than what there is now.
I feel like there is there is something missing,
I just feel like for me out there.

I have two wonderful children,
Whom I hold so dear to me.
They give more meaning to my life,
But I still feel like there is something missing,
Some piece missing from my heart.
How do I find the missing place,
To fill this void within me.

So I turn myself up to The Heavens,
To show me the way to my path to life.
I look up to the Heavens,
To help guide me on my road.
Turn my eyes up to the Heavens,
So that I may find where it is that I belong,
To the place that I may call my own.

This little life, this life is mine and mine alone,,
And I want to life it just the way I should,
The way that God had planned it for me.
So I should turn up to the heavens for guidance,
To show me the way.

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