To the Man Who Broke Me

For years, I’ve held my breath when I turned corners.
The fear of seeing your face has plagued me.
Your touch still haunts my skin,
Your voice still echoes in my ears.
I am so full of sadness, of anger,
At times I do not recognize myself
Or my thoughts.
Even now, you have left me with the repercussions
Of your destructing decision.
I often wonder if you regret a single thing
Or if my screams never affected you.
Did you hear my heart?
Could you feel the way it raced under you?
Today, I make the choice to no longer be a victim.
I was once a strong girl, vibrant and exciting.
I was once a girl who saw the best in everyone.
That girl is gone,
but a new woman has emerged from the fire.
She is strong. She is a fighter.
She is worthy of everything you took for so long.
She is lovable and important.
She is better than you will ever be.

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This Poems Story

This poem explores the aftermath of a sexual assault, ranging from the pain to the recovery.