To the one who knows

Dark clouds filled with thunder in a field of despair
is where you found me at and you held my hand.
I was in a stage of evolution and weak for a time
Tormented by demons who wouldn’t let me speak my mind
You took me in and cleaned my wounds and dusted me off and told me to stand.
While I tried to stand
The ground tried to swallow me up till you showed me the light
Anger, rage, and pain consumed my thoughts instead of love, grace, and just thoughts
I saw something in you that moved my core
A woman whom had dealt with her darkness for a good long while
I saw a beauty with a strength I’d never seen before
With a smile that warmed my heart and gave me strength and purpose
Which was to love this woman my hardest
As I stood in the presence of your beautiful glow I saw the universe in your eyes, I saw ocean in your heart, and a thousand stars lighting the night
Now I stand for you, for us, for our future
With my battle tested armor, sword in hand waiting to face anything that gets in our path and to hold your hand through dark days and nights Through sunshine and rain

Thank you for being you, thank you for loving me, thank you for being my grace, thank you for your love.

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