to the person i saw in my dream last night


i wish you thought about me more.

allowed me to forge oceans with
my mouth. knot veins into a clump.
cut away the loose bits.

tie them into a heart
thumping the words about

you that i let my body omit.
again. again. clogged the drain
and now dissolved the candy i was

supposed to leave on your bedside.
let it thaw to love hardened on the brink
of insanity. i want to say the
syllables of your name. slow.

the singsong breath of ecstasy
fragrant on my tongue.


i told you. finally spilled my secrets

into your palms. waiting for
pupa and chrysalis to rupture bondage,
tissues to shed tears that descend

to my cuts. urging me to shift my organs
into wings. my abdomen shivers softly.

i never expected for my mouth to
grow idle. no amount of
love could have wiped the tarnished
disbelief from your eyes, your mouth

all misshapen. maybe this is a bad idea.
maybe it was a fortune.

how could my mind conjure it so easily?

maybe you climbed into my
room and dropped it in my skull,
my cells letting it trickle down

into my heart. but you can’t know it.

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This Poems Story

This is about a person I admire and saw in my dream last night, coupled with my emotions and anxieties following the dream.