To the voices in my head

You tell me that I’m not enough
And I just let it go
But don’t you see it gets to me
More than you ever know
Every waking moment
Of every single day
I listen to all the words
You think you have to say.
You fill the spots in my brain
Where you’re not meant to go
The spots reserved for happiness
That you won’t let me show.
I smile a lot during the day,
But when the skies no longer bright
I know that darkness isn’t the only thing,
That will visit me tonight.
Because when the sun goes down,
You come to bring me pain
Because you know the more tears I cry
The more happiness you gain.
I wish so badly all the hurt would stop,
And that you’d just go away,
So that I could simply just be happy,
For at least one whole day.
You constantly say I’m worthless,
That the world doesn’t need me here.
But God made me for a reason,
And for that, I hold him near.
I know that you get scared,
When I sing and worship Him,
Because the same light that is now shining,
Is the same you once made go dim.
You tell me that I’m stupid
But God says that I’m wise
You tell me that I should kill myself
But God says that it’s all lies.
With everything you put in my path
God opens another door.
Until finally I’m filled with his spirit
And you can’t hurt me anymore

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