To the Woman Who Took My Baby

ive seen you but you didn see me
i froze my heart stopped beating and i couldn think
i went numb and i couldn speak
i had a tumble of emotions taken over me
you passed me and you didn know
you wer to busy textin always on your phone
here i am and its noticable
im miserable
my sanity is now questionable
you wer at fault the evidence admissable
how unforgivable
my family now vulnerable
were officaly breakable
because of your mistakes though
how hard would it be to confess
that you did feel running over my daughters chest
i hope you wollow and your depressed
untill you realize that this you must accept
your a murder
your avoiding her
when will we be heard
justice is still needing to be served
but who gets told stuff me for defamation of character
for me if you feel of this planet it would be easier
it would help my grieving family to be rid of ya
somedays i feel like im driving my self krazier
trying to live in this life with ya
because its like ah
trying to single handly move a glacier

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