To think of you

I miss you.

Your touch,
Your voice,
Your smile,
After you tell me how much you love me.

The way you run your nails over my stomach and chest to wake me,
When you couldn't sleep,
And you wanted to make love.
The look in your eyes,
From across the table when we are sharing are coffee in the morning.

The tone of voice when we would talk on the phone,
You would tell me how you couldn't wait to see me.
How your eyes would change colors depending on what color your shirt is,
Green to blue,

I miss how much you would make me laugh, while i was drunk,
I could, i could barely walk as we watched some horrible movie together.
I miss how you would make me cook.
I miss how your lips taste.
I miss how my heart skips a beat when i see you.
I miss hearing you call me a stupid.
I miss seeing you in those sun dresses you always used to love to wear.
I miss the love we share.
Finally i just miss much.

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i picked my favorite thing each my x's did some friends of mine that are females things i like about them mixed it all together