To Waltz With the Universe


This is not an easy task and will never be one
for it is difficult to dance with a tyrant
She only seeks absolute control over her partner
To waltz with her is to challenge her
However, despite her brutish nature, she will accept
Whether it be within her domain or the challenger’s

But the kitchen tile sounds just
as sweet as the ballroom floor
The cotton of your socks will
slide gingerly over the ceramic
The golden hue of the stove light
will illuminate her features
And for the first time you will
see her for what she truly is

I can not look away,
for she is breathtaking
There in her eyes lies a tenderness that was once lost
Tear stained cheeks reveal what is overlooked
I feel the misshapen scars on her hands
The hesitancy as she touches the window of my dress
I am weightless in the cruel strength of her arms
Yet as she dips me, I do not feel like a prisoner to it
I embrace her and watch as the fear and pain melt
For who am I to deny her her nature?

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