To What End?

The eager, overextended mind
Engaged in endless cogitation
Spurious sanctions feed the sanctimonious,
Overinflated ego is the motivation
To what end?

To reinforce the resume
Or to propel the pride
To acquire for self
A spectacular vernacular
Behind which to hide
To what end?

Talented, underprivileged, penniless
Intelligent, impoverished, uneducated
Gifted, ignorant, denied

Men without money
Can't run the country
Those without riches
Won't dig the ditches
To what end?

Suckling the silver spoon,
The affluent seek to change their names
Adding ID's and qualifications
Society empowers them
Funding their overinflated egos
With grand salaries and trifling tax
To what end?

The rich, educated man
Has few principles
And cares nothing for the indigent
He has lined his pockets with
The sufferings of the poor
To what end?

But give the solvent man
Who feels callused hands and sweaty brow
Who touts no diploma
Just one occasion to improve upon
The failings of the rich
To what end?

Moralistic, virtuous, rational
Successful, honest, trustworthy
Hard working, charitable, logical
Humble, modest, triumphant
To what end?

The poor man can run the country
Can fix the mistakes of the rich, selfish ego
Will work for mere pennies
His intent the improvement of all life
Not his life
He knows the benefit
Of honesty, veracity
He cheats no one for his benefit
To what end?

To the only end

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