To Whom it May Concern

To whom it may concern,
To all the men this may concern
Why is it whenever I go into “Your bathroom”, you stare at me…
Making me uncomfortable…
Probably making you uncomfortable…
Well crap now we’re both uncomfortable.
Look guys I’m not here to stare at you,
For I have a lot better things to do
Like oh I don’t know maybe using the bathroom
But before you walk away
There is still a lot left for me to say.
Did you know that it takes a lot of courage to do what I am doing
Did you know that It took me almost two years to step foot inside one of these rooms
So what cisgendered right do you have to take my courage away from me.
Oh but don’t you fret for I am not through with you just yet
And to be completely 100% honest with you
I’m not really seeing what part of this you simply just don’t get
Or how my bathroom usage concerns you (or anybody else for that matter)
So, before you think that I’m the one in the wrong
How about you and I sit down for a long
Chat about my life
Because if we do, maybe you’ll think twice
Before you go ahead and judge me
Because by the time we’re done, I promise
It won’t take much time for you to see
That there is no difference between you… and me.

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