To Whom It May Concern

This is the life of a domestic abuse survivor
Written in plain English I am the subscriber,
Cursed with anxiety surrounded by awaiting danger is all i see
All shapes, all sizes, all colors, lurking danger upon everything,
Innocence stolen long ago,forced to swallow my ambition
Perfected performance deaf I cannot hear strangers stares
eyes closed blind, I cannot see out loud whispers,
Dead awake I lost my life twice to finally believe my worth
Rich with faith wingless angel that walks this earth,
Abbreviated power so twisted to feel so powerless
Underestimated queen piece,checkmate move in the game of chess,
I survived my aborted beginning
I survived my revelated ending,
Born nothing, my memory unforgettable like the trace of Judas kiss
Lived my life dead awake and died reincarnated just to live,
I slept sleepwalking unknown the definition of rest
Released from captivity, speaking freely, I am freedom of the press
Student, teacher, underdog to Olympic medal champion
My smile is living proof of blessings,
A silent scream in bold capital letters To Whom It May Concern
Homeless is my address without regret,
free from captivity, back to sender please return.

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